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6 Core Unique Material

Spectrum Fiber

GNU176 fiber was born, which is a revolution in the textile sector. The spectral energy released by spectral energy field can increase body surface temperature by 1.8 – 2.1 degrees, accelerate micro circulation and metabolism and accelerate adipolysis and mobilization, in order to burn fat to shape the body.

The key of the spectrum treatment of diseases is to know the natural frequency of various tissue cells. There are many types of human tissue cells. Their spectral range is very wide and there is no fixed time. The energy released by each cell is not the same as the frequency of vibration, so the range of body spectrum is very wide. While GNU176 spectral energy fiber is designed broadband. Its spectrum covers almost all of the cellular frequency range. So health care functional fibers which can enhance the vitality of every cell can not accurately treat a specific disease, but the comprehensive effectiveness is the best choice for routine health care.

Titanium and Germanium Elements

Germanium is known as a semiconductor element. When the temperature reaches 32 degrees, it will release negative ions to affect the human body bioelectricity. If bio-electric current is in disorder, blood and lymph circulation is not well, waste would accumulate in the body, which will cause the neck and back pain, waist pain, joint pain, dizziness and other physical symptoms.

Then you need to use an external electrical stimulation to stimulate those painful and stiff sites in order to regulate the body’s bio-electric current. After the germanium ions reach the subcutaneous tissue of the capillaries, it can enter into the blood through the vessel wall to adjust the blood pH. Its electronic properties can promote blood circulation and adjust the body’s biological disorder current back to normal, and thus relieve muscle soreness and fatigue. It also plays a role for Insomnia, dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet.

Germanium is not radioactive. It is different with metals, which can not be oxidized. So people with sensitive skin, the elderly and children all can use it. It has been widely applied to the field of health in the United States, Japan and other developed countries. For this reason, people are increasingly concerned about the role of germanium in the health care aspect.

Dr. Sato of Erika Sasaki Institute of Japan firstly confirmed the anti-cancer effects of organic germanium in rat ascites liver and bladder cancer study. The Japanese organic germanium Ge-132 achieved significant efficacy on treatment of more than 50,000 cancer patients, including lung, liver, reproductive system cancer and leukemia. Medical Research of Yanji in Jilin province reported that organic germanium Ge-132 was effective on 112 cases of various types of advanced cancer, and condition improved rate reached 64% with no side effects. Shanghai reported that organic germanium Ge-132 treatment combined with chemotherapeutic drugs can improve the efficacy of treating malignant tumors by 60% -70%.

In 1992, Henan used synthetic organic germanium to treat lung, liver, bone marrow cancer by using 300mg organic germanium, 3 times / d orally, merged with other anti-cancer drugs, the effect can reach 80%, with no side effects. As effective dose treatment of various tumors, experimental studies have shown that the anti-tumor effect of organic germanium is implemented by regulating immune function.

Cosmic Energy Stones

Cosmic Energy Stones is a natural volcanic mineral ore, containing more than 70 kinds of trace elements, made by high temperature burning acetylene, and releasing 299000Kc/sec ultra-high-speed vibration frequency of cosmic energy. Its wavelength is the same with human’s when body is at normal temperature (36℃ ~ 37℃) with penetration depth of 13 ~ 15cm. It brings the essence of the universe, the sun and the moon together and takes use of energy conversion principle of the universe to unite the energy of heaven, earth and human.

If you carry it with you, it can stabilize the energy and drive out evil; if you are sick, it can improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism in particular; it can activate all kinds of organism cell and strengthen immune system and resistance. With 60cm diameter of the energy waves, it can form a protective wall against foreign harmful electromagnetic waves, reducing the damage to the human body and the rate of human cancerous and aging. CANAI He&ME Spectrum Cosmic Energy Stones can emit 5.6-15 microns far infrared, consistent with the vibration frequency of human cells, thereby activating the cells, giving cell abilities of excretion and regeneration.

Cosmic Energy Stones can emit vibration frequency at 299,000 times per second with ultramicro fine powder of the power of 10 to 23, resulting in tremendous energy, which equals to complex energy field of more than 70 kinds of elements with the impact range up to 13-15cm. Its superior vibration frequency can transform macromolecular substances into small molecular structure, and then rearrange them to destroy adhesion of harmful substances on human tissue cell in order to protect cells, activate cells, and excrete toxins, chemical additives, heavy metals and various impurities effectively and rapidly, so as to achieve detoxification, therapy efficacy.

Energy rock is rich in trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, etc. It can also strengthen bones, accelerate blood circulation and enhance the absorption, which is an integral part of human body.

CANAI He&ME Spectrum which can release spectral energy and is inlaid Cosmic Energy Stones will make you relax and comfortable when you wear it, as well as the function of dispelling fatigue, restoring physical strength, relieving neuralgia, muscle pain and other pain, anti-inflammatory for arthritis, frozen shoulder, bronchitis and other inflammatory; supplementary medical function for cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease and other common diseases and antibacterial, deodorant and beauty features.

Cleancool Accessories Fabric

Cleancool accessories are known as permanent byword of fabric. Cleancool antimicrobial technology is to add nanoscale silver ions in the fiber, making the silver ions and fiber join seamless and maintaining long-lasting bactericidal effect. It also has the same moisture management properties as Coolmax fiber. Moisture management and antibacterial deodorizing function has attracted more and more international customers. 210g / smgy Cleancool fabric and its products combine moisture wicking and anti-bacterial deodorant functions in one. You can do antimicrobial testing and related moisture wicking test by the world’s most strict US AATCC-100.

Its grooved fiber fabrics and unique design can always keep the skin cool and dry. The product set antibacterial deodorant, wicking, and other functions in one, is a revolutionary upgrade to the popular moisture wicking products.

It is said that the general structure of moisture wicking fibers were grooved, comfortable and cool, but also provides a breeding ground for exotic bacteria. It is more likely to cause bacterial infections and sweat smelly especially after exercising. And Cleancool has groove-shaped fiber cross-section as ordinary moisture wicking products, but add nanoscale silver ions inside the fiber which can quickly kill Staphylococcus aureus and other harmful bacteria, such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli. At the same time, due to its exudative characteristics of bactericidal function, it will not hurt beneficial bacteria. So it can keep the skin of wearer cool and clean, leading to a new experience.

Irregular Elastic Gauze

Irregular Gause cross-section appears multi-angle stellate shape, fibroblasts outstretched multiple tentacles. The extension strength is 9 times the normal fibers, forming contacts to increase friction between the fiber and the body to function as prick massage and to burn fats; simultaneously contacts can be firmly attached to the skin to fix fat.

Medical functional fiber: high strength and toughness, high elasticity, body protection, natural appropriateness; its special sweat-absorbent forces is six times of cotton, ventilation property is six times of the normal clothing. Hexagonal diamond mesh weave: with scientific uniform pressure on the body from every aspect, there is no discomfort; honeycomb structure makes it more breathable, easy to scatter sweat, lightweight and easy to wash and long deformation. Its 360 ° uniform tension can fix fat. It is consistent inside and outside and with high-quality fabrics which makes it more durable, more perfect quality and more effective.

Memory Alloy Strip

NI-Ti shape memory alloy bra rims: it is placed at breast milk root point to accelerate breast blood circulation, improve lobular hyperplasia and mastitis in order to achieve breast enhancement and Breast health. The shape of the product can change along with the changes of body’s temperature.

NI-TI shape memory alloy rims is NI-TI ring, entirely non-magnetic. The outer layer of nylon coating is acknowledged by multi-expert, without any harm on the human body. NI-TI shape memory alloys stereotypes article: it is the alloy which automatically restores to the original shape after plastic deformation of itself at a particular temperature. Located in the parts of the spine, it can prevent spinal deformities, kyphosis, neck and back pain, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. In addition to the unique shape memory function, it also has advantages of wear-resistant, corrosion-proof, super-elastic and so on.